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Fertilizer is a primary focus for Sprucedale Agromart. By taking raw materials, we are able to create custom blends that will assist in maximizing crop production.


There are many different minerals and compounds that are use to provide the building blocks for plants. Combining these materials in proper proportions allows plants to receive the nutrients they need to produce the best yielding results.


Common minerals include:


Muriate of Potash - 0-0-60 - potassium

Urea - 46-0-0 - nitrogen

MAP - Mono-ammonium Phosphate - 11-52-0 - phosphorus and nitrogen

DAP - Di-ammonium Phosphate - 18-46-0 - phosphorus and nitrogen

AN - Ammonium Nitrate - 34-0-0 - nitrogen

AS - Ammonium Sulphate - 21-0-0-23 - nitrogen and sulpur
ESN - 44-0-0 - Urea encapsulated in a polyurethane coating, nitrogen
Sulphate of Potash - 0-0-50-17 potassium and sulphur
XCU - Coated Urea - 43-0-0-4 - nitrogen
28% Liquid Nitrogen -28-0-0 nitrogen in liquid form
MESZ - 12-40-0-10s-1zn - This premium fertilizer is superior to traditional phosphate blend fertilizers because it provides uniform distribution of nutrients. And that means your entire field is evenly fertilized. Plus, it has two forms of sulfur for season-long nutrition. A source of phosphorus, some nitrogen as well as sulphur and zinc. For more infor please visit Micro Essentials