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Seed and Crop Inputs


Sprucedale Agromart carries a large selection of crop inputs. We can create custom orders to meet your particular needs.


We are particularly proud of our bulk seed handling facility that was constructed at our Hanover location in the spring of 2010. This facility gives us the opportunity to process bulk orders of GMO and Non GMO soybeans as well as winter wheat seed. The facility is equipped with a seed treater to allow for the addition of fungicides, insecticide (imidacloprid, thiamethoxam or clothianidin), and seed inoculants. Non treated seed is also available. Information regarding treated seed (neonicotinoids) and governement compliance forms for the 2016 are as follows...


• Seed amount declaration (used when planting less than 50% treated seed)

• Pest assessment form (used when planting greater than 50% treated seed)

• Guide to conducting a pest assessment

• What growers need to know


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